Welcome to Christian Chapel! We are glad you are here.
Though we are all on different paths, it is always helpful to have someone to “do life with.”
There are many different opportunities at Christian Chapel to find just the right place for you.
Visit our Life Groups page to learn more about getting together with others in your same life situation. Anyone from Baby Boomers, “Empty-Nesters”, New Families, Multi-Generational, Men’s and Women’s Groups. We have it all!
One of our most popular groups is a little non-traditional…..Ladies Zumba® Class!!
  • Tuesday nights from 6 to 7 PM during the school year.
  • A safe place for ladies to come exercise and make friends!
  • Zumba® is a Latin inspired dance exercise that incorporates rhythms from around the world with dance and fitness moves….all fitness levels are encouraged to attend (modifications are shown during the class).
  • Led by two licensed Zumba® instructors, Rosa Castane and Jean Crabb (instructor since 2011).
Information can be found at for both instructors.
FREE to all participants so bring a friend!
The goal is to make exercise fun & build lasting friendships! Come join us Ladies!
Women’s Ministry
We have an active Women’s Ministry that combines fellowship with outreach opportunities comprised of monthly breakfast meetings, gatherings, and in-depth Bible studies.
Men’s Ministry
Men’s Ministry features multiple events throughout the year, creating opportunities for spiritual growth and fellowship. Men can gather around the campfire as the weather turns colder on the first and third Monday nights starting at 7 to relax, share life, and maybe a hotdog or two. Or join in for multiple breakfasts throughout the year. We also join with hundreds of other men at a regional Noble Men’s conference – a one-day event with great speakers and challenging break-out sessions sure to help you in your growth and your walk in life.
Come join us in any one of these many opportunities and more to do life together.