Christian Chapel is on a mission to Make Jesus Known.
The first thing you notice here is that there are people who genuinely care about you and make you feel like you belong. God loves all people and we think that we should do the same. We come just as we are and accept everyone just as they are trusting that as Christ works in our lives, He will make us into what He wants us to be.
We have a dream of being a church that grows daily as people come to faith in Christ just like the book of Acts (Acts: 2:47). Our ministry teams are challenged to help everyone Connect to God, Connect to Each Other, Connect to the Community, and Connect to the World. For all that to happen, we challenge out congregation to be connected, to get on a ministry team, to join a Life Group, and to Make Jesus Known.
We are thrilled that you stopped here to check out our website. If you have any questions, you can contact us at 757.427.9371.
An even better way would be to attend one of our Sunday gatherings and experience the sense of belonging that is real. We are here and waiting to meet you.
We believe that Christian Chapel is the Best Church in Town (the best church for me because that is where God connected me to Himself and to His people).
Come and see if you go away with the same feeling.
~Tom Conant, Lead Pastor